COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, we are facilitating stringent measures to enable us all to return to work safely:

Return-To-Work Briefings
Guidelines and advice for our staff coming back to work, including a reporting procedure in the event of any staff/people on site showing symptoms.

Staff Issue PPE
Personal hand sanitiser given out to all staff. WHO recommended formula, provided in refillable bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Face masks are non-surgical type to avoid taking supply lines from NHS. Washable/reusable to reduce waste.

COVID-19 Specific Method Statements and Risk Assessments
Documents issued per site to highlight the risks and problem areas throughout, along with their control measures and systems to be used to combat them.

Ongoing briefings as any changes occur on site.

Sanitiser Stands
Free-standing sanitiser dispensers can be placed around site to give site staff more opportunities to use hand sanitiser. Near Honeywagons, busy entry/exit points and so on.

Cleaning Protocol
Any equipment coming/going from our yard will have additional cleaning protocols in place, to now use cleaning materials certified to BS 14476, as used by the National Health Service.