Location Assist provide a bespoke Security service to the Film and TV Industry.

Over the last 20 years we have built up an extremely strong security team securing the services of the most sought after Lead Men in the industry.

As a company we fully understand the importance of continuity of Security staff so we assign a Lead Man to liaise with the Location team to ensure the smooth and safe running of every Production.

We will also provide a Street Reservations Team to ensure that while on Location all your parking bays for the Technical and Unit Base vehicles are kept clear and allocated areas are kept coned for as long as required.

We will always attempt to limit the disruption to the public and realise how important it is for our Operatives to build relationships with local residents to ensure smooth running at all times.

You may email us a copy of any Parking requirements prior to shooting so our staff can position all vehicles correctly and according to plan.

Our staff will be onsite ahead of your base to ensure that your vehicles can gain an unobstructed access to your unit base.

The Security Operative will liaise with the unit manager and transport captain to ensure your all set and production vehicles are correctly parked.

We will locate a water supply and maintain fuel levels on equipment and ensure that all cast and crew members are politely and clearly instructed where to park and who to report to.

All deliveries and collections will be taken care of and we will ensure a clean and tidy site at all times.

We fully understand how important it is to have continuity of staff on base and we will make sure this happen by keeping your base safe and secure twenty four hours a day.

Location Assist has extensive experience providing Security in studios across the UK working on Commercials, TV Dramas and Feature Films.

Our staff will work in conjunction with the onsite security team to ensure we are fully aware of studio rules and regulations.

Our Security Operatives will greet the cast and crew on arrival and direct them to the designated areas, open and close Stages and ensure all areas are kept safe and secure.

As part of our Security Solutions we also supply fully trained SIA licensed Close Protection Officers providing both overt and covert protection.

We work alongside TV, Film and Music companies protecting our clients from threats such as stalking, over enthusiastic fans and eager paparazzi.

All our Close Protection Officers are continually assessed and kept up to date with the ever changing tactics of Close Protection Tactics and our services include:

  • Protection of Film Crews and Film Staff on Location and Studio
  • Full Site Risk Assessment of all Locations
  • Organising secure travel procedures between locations
  • Bespoke Plan providing complete threat and risk assessment
  • One to One Body guarding and Non-Invasive Personal Protection